Mid-week Update from Summer Camp

Dear Parents,

Us scouts are having fun at Camp Chief Logan. The older scouts have done merit badges from climbing to citizenship in the nation. The younger scouts are in a program called Foothills that will take them up to first class by the end of the week. The food is very good here, we even had pizza last night. In our free time we have gone to the Waterfront to climb the iceberg, the rifle range to shoot targets. Unfortunately we have had an accident, but Jake S. is resting at home safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing him again. We will be sending another post out later in the week.

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Sincerely, Troop 604

About Nick @ Troop604

Nick crossed over into Boy Scouts Nov. 2015 and is working on his tenderfoot. He was elected "webmaster" for the troop site this year. He works with the troop scribes to collect info to add to the website.