Troop 604 Positions

In February, we have our troop elections. Scouts fill the positions and do their best while learning from the scout who previously filled the position. The positions are intended to challenge the scout both by learning while doing, and then helping the next scout when it’s time.

Below are the critical positions within the troop. It’s never too late for scouts to look at these positions and think about how they could contribute and possibly see themselves playing that role. As a scout advances, they should eventually have played each role once during their scouting career.

Senior Patrol Leader
Asst. Senior Patrol Leader
Troop Guide 

Assistant Quartermaster 

Cobra Patrol Leader
Cobra Assistant Patrol Leader
Cobra Asst. Quartermaster

Bears Patrol Leader
Bears Assistant Patrol Leader
Bears Asst. Quartermaster



Chaplain Aid 


Adult Leaders/Guides

Chris Nutley

Jeff Bray

Bryan Delp

Sally Standish