Thank You, from Tyler Goodwin

2020 presented special problems, but it also came with great acts of generosity and kindness. I, Tyler Goodwin, Lawrenceburg BSA Troop 604, want to thank family and friends and the following sponsors who gave time and resources to my Eagle Scout project in Oakey Park:

  • Greendale Park Board
  • City Manager Steve Lampert and Greendale Parks and Civil City Employees
  • Utilities Director Sean Guidice and Utility Employees
  • Chad Kraemer and Employees of Kraemer Construction
  • Kurt Weismiller and SRM Concrete, Inc.
  • Gerry Jonas and Jonas Memorial Arts, Inc.
  • Greendale Garden Club
  • McCabe’s Greenhouse
  • Scoutmaster Chris Nutley
  • Boy Scout Troop 604

My project will be completed in the spring of 2021. I look forward to again thanking these sponsors and recognizing any and all of those who help me complete my Eagle project with a great addition to the amenities in Oakey Park.