Winter Rendezvous at Camp Maumee

We arrived late when it was dark.We only had enough time to set up our campsite, and get a small bite to eat before heading to bed. The next morning, we woke up, had breakfast, and prepared for the Klondike races. The boys got their day packs loaded, grabbed the sled and headed to the race. There were two races, one for each patrol. The Cobras race was in the morning, and the Bears raced after lunch. The race had 7 challenges. You had to arrive at each challenge in a certain amount of time. After the races, some of us chose to shoot the .22 rifles and watch a 500 lb. Howitzer cannon fire.

Everyone was tired and hungry after the long day. Good thing there was a feast Saturday night. There was lots of food, including spicy goat curry, country-fried steak, chicken wings, venison pot pie, shredded, BBQ pork, fried potatoes and hot apple pie and granola for dessert.

After the feast we enjoyed time around the campfire the rest of the night. It was really cold, but the fire kept us warm. Our cold-weather camping skill were definitely needed for Saturday night since the temperature was dropping. Sunday morning, we woke up, had a quick breakfast, and broke camp. The weather was still cold. The mud had froze and it started snowing. It’s better to break camp in the cold snow than in the wet mud.

I had a fun time with my friends at my first big Scout Camp.


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