The patrol is a group of Scouts who belong to a troop and who are probably similar in age, development, and interests. The patrol method allows Scouts to interact in a small group outside the larger troop context, working together as a team and sharing the responsibility of making their patrol a success.

At right, The Bear Patrol makes some lunch at Camp Louis Ernst. The boys plan, purchase and prepare their meals as a patrol.

Bear Patrol

Patrol Leader: CJ Nutley
Asst. Patrol Leader: Nate Jacobs
Patrol Scribe: Sebastian Thies

Cobra Patrol

Patrol Leader: Nate Jacobs
Asst. Patrol Leader: Josh Scheffler
Patrol Scribe: Conner

Cobra Patrol

Patrol Leader: First Last
Asst. Patrol Leader: First Last
Patrol Scribe: First Last